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Eldjárn Capital provides specific business strategy analysis for companies to gain competitive advantage. Eldjárn Capital works closely with company executives & board members to facilitate favorable decision making.

Business plan

Eldjárn Capital provides detailed business planning advisory to corporates with the goal of intensify enhancing investors and financing parties confidence in its business

Contracts & Agreements

Eldjárn Capital has wide experience in making business contracts and provide negotiation advisory. Loan agreements, equity purchase agreements and shareholders agreements are our expertise.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Eldjárn Capital has extensive experience in all stages of company mergers & acquisitions. Eldjárn Capital manages the sales process and provides specific advisory on valuation, sales approach, deal financing, due diligence and documentation.


Eldjárn Capital has extensive knowledge of corporate & real-estate valuation and provides its clients with in-depth valuation analysis and valuation advisory.  

Investor presentation

Eldjárn Capital helps its clients to thoroughly present their business case to new investors, financing parties and banks, by preparing detailed investor presentations.


Debt financing

Eldjárn Capital has extensive experience in assisting its clients raising debt financing and negotiating loan agreements, including LMA loan agreements.

Capital structure

Eldjárn Capital provides specific advisory on how companies can optimize their capital structure, based on companies’ nature of business and external market environment.


Eldjárn Capital has years of experience in corporate financial restructuring. Eldjárn Capital ensures successful negotiations between the company and its stakeholders.

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