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Ásmundur Gíslason

Ásmundur is a financial professional with over 15 years combined experience of leading different projects in the financial sector, as a former employee of Glitnir Bank and Arion Bank, and as an independent consultant. Ásmundur has considerable banking experience in credit management, work-out management & corporate restructuring and corporate finance advisory. Ásmundur has worked closely with many of the largest companies and investors in Iceland as well as serving as board member in number of companies. Ásmundur has further managed a multi-million-dollar foreign loan portfolio. Ásmundur’s key focus areas are mergers & acquisitions, corporate funding, corporate restructuring, negotiation advisory, valuation, and analysis of investment opportunities. Special industry knowledge: Seafood and aquaculture

Bjarnólfur Lárusson

Bjarnolfur has over 16 years of experience as a financial professional in the Icelandic financial market. He has deep knowledge of financing large companies in different sectors of the economy. He has worked closely with key executives of many of Iceland’s largest companies. Bjarnólfur has worked at two of the leading retail & corporate banks in Iceland and managed one of the largest loan portfolio of Islandsbanki, for over a decade with phenomenal success. Bjarnólfur has led a substantial number of funding and re-financing projects as well as M&A projects for large corporates. Special industry knowledge: Tourism, retail, and real estate